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A New Approach To Criminal Defense

Solving your legal problems. Helping you navigate the criminal justice system and protecting your rights. Those are the guiding principles upon which Thomas Rock founded his law practice. In Leesbug, Fairfax, Winchester and across Virignia, when your future is in jeopardy and you need someone on your side, Thomas Rock will work to protect you and your family.

Years of experience coupled with a passion for the law make Mr. Rock a powerful force within the legal system. As a lawyer, he has worked hard in Leesburg and across Virginia to protect people's rights. The criminal justice system can be intimidating and difficult to navigate but Mr. Rock works with you to help guide you through your legal troubles.

Whether you are charged with a simple misdemeanor or a serious felony, Mr. Rock will work to provide you with the representation you deserve. If you or a loved one have been charged with a criminal offense, contact Thomas Rock today and set up a free consultation.

Working With Clients to Redefine Advocacy

Mr. Rock understands that you are an individual, not just a client. Your needs will likely vary from others and he will work with you to  create a partnership with the shared goal of solving your legal troubles.  Whether you are charged with a crime in Leesburg, Fairfax or Winchester, he believes your input is invaluable in order to successfully develop a strategy to achieve your goals. By focusing on each client as an individual, he is able to tailor his approach to meet your needs as an individual. He is proud to be redefining advocacy through his collaborative approach.

Thomas Rock starts each case with one principle: The client comes first
Client Testimonial
    "Mr. Rock evaluated my case, told me exactly how he would handle the charges and then delivered on his word - all charges were dropped."
This principle is the cornerstone upon which he bases his representation.  He Recognizes that when you are facing criminal charges you are in a state of crisis. You likely have numerous questions and fears about what  will happen. How does the process work? What will happen to me? Will my case proceed differently based on where I am charged (Leesburg, Fairfax, Winchester, etc.)? Do I need to go to Court? What are my rights? What about my family? Mr. Rock will work with you to address all of your concerns and give you the necessary tools to make informed decisions about your future.

His goal is to empower you so that you and he can work together to find the best solution to your legal problems. Recognizing that your needs may change as your case develops, Thomas Rock is constantly in communication with you to make sure that you are informed so that you may play an active role in your defense.
Why Choose Thomas Rock?
Choosing the right attorney is the single most important decision you will make during your criminal case. Your attorney will be your confidant, advocate and guide through your entire case. An experienced trial attorney with a reputation for excellence is imperative. Thomas Rock's experience includes:
Former President Loudoun County Bar Association
Founding Member Loudoun County Adult Drug Treatment Court
Loudoun County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Best Practices Committee Member
Certified Guardian Ad Litem for Children
Extensive Trial Experience
Thomas Rock represents clients through all phases of the criminal process including:
Police Interrogation

Search Warrant Challenge

Pretrial Strategy


Bond Motions

Preliminary Hearing


Services Offered
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If you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offense in Leesburg, Fairfax, Winchester or any other jurisdiction in Virginia, contact Thomas Rock today for a free consultation
Leesburg  Lawyer Thomas Rock represents  clients charged  with criminal offenses in Leesburg and across Virginia. If you or a loved one has been charged contact Leesburg Lawyer Thomas Rock today