Leesburg Juvenile Delinquency Attorney Thomas Rock has worked with juveniles and their families for years in Leesburg, Fairfax, Prince William County and across Virginia.
He has extensive experience in the Juvenile Courts and has represented hundreds of children charged with criminal offenses. In addition, Mr. Rock serves on the Loudoun County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Best Practices Committee for Dependency cases where he works with the Juvenile Court Judges, clerks, and numerous other agencies to help improve the Juvenile Court system in Loudoun County.  Mr. Rock, is also a certified Guardian ad litem for children.
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If your child is charged with a crime in Leesburg or any other jurisdiction in Virginia, Mr. Rock will work to provide them with the defense they deserve. Call him today to set up a free consultation.
Leesburg  Lawyer Thomas Rock represents  clients charged  with criminal offenses in Leesburg and across Virginia. If you or a loved one has been charged contact Leesburg Lawyer Thomas Rock today
One of the worst experiences for any parent is having their child be accused of a crime. Often parents are conflicted between being angry with the child for his/her behavior, yet fearful of the child being convicted or incarcerated. In addition, Juvenile Court can be intimidating due to the multiple agencies that are present at any hearing.

Many parents are torn over the decision about whether to hire an attorney for their child. Often they feel that they are stuck in a terrible dilemma, they want their child to held accountable for their actions yet don't want to see their future destroyed. Mr. Rock understands the difficult position that parents are in when their children are facing criminal charges. He works with parents and children to outline the legal process and help them understand their options.

For a child, being accused of a crime can be one of the most terrifying experiences of their life. Often they are arrested, handcuffed and taken into custody. This experience is intimidating enough for adults, but for children it can be extremely traumatic.

Mr. Rock has been representing juveniles for years and understands that these cases can be difficult for both children and parents. As a result, he works closely with his clients to help them navigate through the Juvenile Courts. In doing so he is able protect his juvenile client's rights while relieving much of the stress that comes with being accused of a crime.

What Types of Juvenile Cases Does Thomas Rock Handle?

Mr. Rock represents juveniles in all types of cases including